California Rhythm Project has presented concerts at a wide variety of venues in San Diego, from schools and colleges to small theaters and large auditoriums. We have performed at the the Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival, at the San Diego Tap & Jazz Dance Festival and at Mojalet’s Summer Series at The Vine. Our San Diego International Fringe Festival performances include On the Corner of Rhythm & Rhyme and the award winning production Beats Without Borders.

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Community Performances

California Rhythm Project is available to perform at community festivals and events. We can create a program of current repertoire that would include tap classics as well as newer audience favorites accompanied by music from a variety of eras and cultural traditions.

This season’s programs include a version of our educational performance, Rhythm Stew, and excerpts from Beats Without Borders, a rhythmic journey around the globe featuring pieces inspired by music and dance traditions from all over the world.

Rates vary based on concert length and performance space. Contact Director Nancy Boskin-Mullen to discuss your event. or 619-772-2446

Educational Performances

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Rhythm Stew - American Traditions in Tap Dance

In this high energy, interactive performance, California Rhythm Project familiarizes audiences with the development of tap dance as an American art form. Performing a variety of tap dance styles spanning nearly one hundred years, this program highlights the cultural transmission of arts and other traditions, with performances of rhythm tap, funk tap, and musical theatre tap, as well as other percussive dance genres such as body music and Appalachian clogging. Audiences will have the opportunity to learn and practice rhythms with the dancers in this fun and engaging program.

Beats Without Borders

California Rhythm Project will lead your students on a journey around the world, exploring the universal language of rhythm and dance. Highlighting cultural transmission, our interactive global trek includes the rhythmic traditions of Spain, Cuba, the Philippines, Africa and the USA. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice traditional rhythms: stamping their feet to Cuban polyrhythm, engaging in African call and response, and clapping along to Appalachian-inspired bluegrass music. Join us on our passport required.

Educational performances can be arranged through Arts for Learning San Diego. Contact Sherrie Brown at Arts for Learning at 619.282.7599.

Grades: K-12

One performance      $650.00
Two performances    $850.00
Three performances  $975.00

If you do not have a wood floor, California Rhythm Project can provide one for an additional $125.